Von München nach Rosenheim

Rosenheim is one of the most beautiful cities in southern Germany. Anyone who wants to stroll through the old town will be amazed. The municipal museum in Rosenheim is also definitely worth a visit. To cover the distance Munich Rosenheim in a pleasant way, we offer you a great limo service with perfect comfort.


Once you have taken advantage of the short drive from Munich to Rosenheim, you will arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to enjoy the day to the fullest. The city was originally only a small settlement and looks back on a long and exciting history of its development. Numerous wonderful squares, old gates and impressive churches can be visited here. Nature is not neglected either. Protected landscape areas, nature reserves and a nature worth seeing surround the city. Outdoor activities are just waiting for you. We are also happy to transport your sports equipment from Munich to Rosenheim.

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